Question: What does the HOA do?

Answer: The HOA manages multiple services for the entire community, such as landscape maintenance, maintenance of the common areas, the amenity center and pool, and resident compliance with the HOA governing documents. In doing so the HOA helps to protect property values and maintains the aesthetic beauty and harmony of the community.  It also provides all the great social gathering opportunities through Lifestyle.


Question: What is the Annual Assessment for Wolf Ranch?

Answer: The 2018 Bi-Annual Assessment for Wolf Ranch is $532, which is made up of the HOA Assessment of $400, and the Alarm Monitoring Assessment of $132. The HOA Assessment helps to fund the annual budget which includes all maintenance costs, administrative costs, the on-site HOA General Manager who oversees the daily operations of the Association, and the Lifestyle Manager who plans and executes the events and activities for the Lifestyle Program. Until the community grows to a size when it becomes financially self-sustaining, the developer will fund the Association to cover any operating cost deficit. The Alarm Monitoring Assessment is the reduced, bulk rate cost for alarm monitoring for each home in Wolf Ranch that is collected by the HOA and paid directly to the service provider. 


Question:  How do I set up service for home automation and alarm monitoring for my home?

Answer: HomePro is the company that will get you set up.  But first, you will need to have your television and internet provider installed and active.  HomePro technicians will need a live connection for those two services to be able to confirm your home is set up correctly.  When you have your television and internet active, please call HomePro at 972.245.5777, extension 122, to schedule your home automation installation.


Question:  What is the property tax rate for Wolf Ranch?

Answer:  The property tax rate for Wolf Ranch is as follows:

Taxing Entity

CAD – Williamson County CAD           0

CGT – City of Georgetown                   0.42

GWI – Williamson County                     0.426529

M66 – Williamson County MUD #28   0.65

RFM – Williamson County FM/RD        0.04

SGT – Georgetown ISD                        1.409

Total Property Tax Rate                     2.945529


Question: What is MUD #28 and #29?

Answer: Wolf Ranch has two Georgetown Municipal Utility Districts (a ”MUD”).  A MUD is a special district created by the Texas Legislature to finance facilities not provided by a municipality.  A MUD has the power to levy an ad valorem tax to fund improvements inside the district, such as water, sewer, drainage, roads and park facilities. Having the MUDs at Wolf Ranch provides not only for the infrastructure financing, but they also fund the maintenance and operations cost of the water, sewer and park facilities within the property.  The MUD is a twenty-five year tax.


Question:  Can I rent part of the amenity center?

Answer:  Yes, The DEN amenity center has several rental options for residents.  Please refer to “The DEN Rental Agreement” on the Forms and Documents page for details.